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Bell + Ivy has acquired PR PROS, a move that Bell + Ivy says will position them to become one of the strongest growth marketing agencies in Los Angeles and expand their global client base significantly.

Santa Monica, CA – May 31, 2018 – Bell + Ivy, a digital marketing and personal branding agency in Santa Monica, California, announced that it has acquired PR PROS, founded by seasoned public relations professional, Josh Weissman. The purchase will better serve Bell + Ivy’s well-extended portfolio of client offerings to reach a wider public relations net. The deal is effective as of June 1, 2018.

This purchase harmonizes the two agencies to better perform digital marketing and public relation efforts for their clients in the healthcare, technology, entertainment, cannabis and lifestyle industries. Their combined efforts will better serve, and expand upon, their clientele in the U.S. and international markets.

“The acquisition of PR PROS is one of the first moves in Bell + Ivy’s long-term strategy to become a global growth marketing and communications agency. We have proven our value and grown exponentially in under two-years of operation as a digital marketing and personal branding agency,” says Cynthia Johnson, CEO of Bell + Ivy. “Our acquisition of PR PROS will most certainly expand our service offerings in PR and communications, as well as develop our client base globally and launch our expansion into new and exciting verticals.”

Weissman’s wheelhouse includes publicity, movie premieres, and branded live event activation, working with leading names and brands such as Captain Morgan, Snoop Dogg, and Periscope. He led the press delegation for The World Government Summit in Dubai, managing press coverage from outlets such as Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine and CNBC.

“The Public Relations industry has evolved so much over the years.  This was the perfect time and opportunity to partner with such an outstanding, young and innovative agency,” says Weissman. “I founded PR PROS in 2006 with the intent of giving my clients the personal attention they deserved. With this acquisition, not only do I gain a support staff, but current and future clients will also see the benefits of having that personal relationship.”

Bell + Ivy was established in the summer of 2016 and co-founded by CEO, Cynthia Johnson, and President, Zach Binder. Bell + Ivy operates as growth partners for companies seeking digital marketing, personal branding, and public relations.  Entrepreneur Magazine lists Johnson as one of 2017's top personal branding experts. Weissman led PR PROS for 12 successful years, having founded his company in the summer of 2006. This acquisition merits PR PROS founder, Josh Weissman, the title of Partner + Chief PR Officer at Bell + Ivy.

About Bell + Ivy

Bell + Ivy was founded in 2016 by Cynthia Johnson and Zach Binder. They are a personal branding and digital marketing agency located in Santa Monica, California. Their prestigious clientele range from tech-experts, healthcare professionals, fortune 1000 executives and brands, to name a few. Learn more information and visit the company website at Follow Cynthia and Zach on social media at @cynthiaLIVE and @zebinder or contact them via email at,, and you can reach Josh Weissman at