The Benefits of Traveling for Work

Alibaba Golden Bull Awards, Hangzhou, China

Alibaba Golden Bull Awards, Hangzhou, China

Whether you’re traveling for a conference or visiting a remote office, traveling for work can be a unique experience with promising benefits for both your career and social life. With remote work on the rise, professionals from every industry are realizing the perks of soaring to a different time zone while collaborating with teams small and large. Working for an agency not only allows the opportunity to become an expert in a range of industries due to the vast range of clientele/campaigns, but it also opens the (airplane doors) to explore new cities, cultures, and working styles due to where clients and affiliated events are located. Looking to broaden your professional and personal horizons? There are unique challenges and exciting opportunities that come with the territory. Below are a few of the benefits that come along with traveling for work:  

New Perspective

Whether you’re in the world of tech, finance, or delving into the blockchain sector, gaining new perspective is essential to growing and developing your career. Traveling for work allows you to explore new environments, cultures, and social terrains. Global travel can inspire new and exciting ways for you to bring your best self to work or create new and fresh content. Whether you take the time to visit a museum in London or try a new dish in China, new experiences during work travel may very well inspire you and provide a fresh outlook on your work and productivity. 

Many companies will allow travel budgets and remote working options to make it even easier for you to work from afar. Employees can often-times work completely remote, leaving meetings and connecting with coworkers up to video calls and project management tools. This is an opportunity to visit coworkers in your companies main hub or visit a remote coworker in a new city. You may even suggest a company retreat in a new area, depending on the size and budget of your team. 

Mental Health 

Tribeca Film Festival, in New York City

Tribeca Film Festival, in New York City

Self-care is crucial to your health and well-being and working abroad or on the road can provide some much needed time away from your everyday routine. To eliminate burn out, traveling and creating space for yourself can positively improve your mental health and refresh your mind for work and new ideas. Why not tack on an extra day or two to your trip for some much-needed rest and relaxation? Unplugging and creating a healthy work-life balance is crucial to remaining a healthy and balanced individual. 

Traveling for work also affords you to see friends and family who live afar. This is an opportunity to both work and recharge by seeing those who make you feel most at home or reconnect in a way that inspires your personal growth and creativity. Setting aside time for a visit to see your friends and family can give you a new energy and remind you of what’s most important.

While working on the go has its benefits, it can also be a strain on other parts of your life. According to the CDC, you can minimize work-travel stress by eating healthy meals, drinking plenty of freshwater, continuing your exercise routine, maintaining a solid sleep schedule, and on longer trips, staying in contact with friends and loved ones. Maintaining a sense of mindfulness for your personal needs and habits can ensure your trip is safe, productive, and successful. 

Meeting New People

Every big city and small town has a wide array of people with unique experiences and perspectives. Traveling for work gives you the opportunity to network and connect with like-minded and diverse professionals. These unique connections can often lead to long term business relationships and career growth. Whether you’re meeting other employees in your company or attending a networking event, meeting new people while traveling is a great way to grow your network and learn about the jobs and skills of others in your field. 

Dreamforce, San Francisco, CA

Dreamforce, San Francisco, CA

With the help of coworking spaces across the world like WeWork and The Wing, remote work can be done in professional settings at ease. Many of these spaces include access to conference space, wi-fi, screens, coffee, and include a built-in network of other local or traveling professionals. There are a number of apps on the market created to help you find the right space for your working style. Coworking spaces also hold member and non-member events to encourage skill-sharing, education, networking, and new experiences. These events provide an opportunity to learn something new and maybe even meet your next business partner. 

Career Prep & Experience 

As you grow and advance in your career, the benefits of working remotely and abroad can help you build new experiences and advance your career in a way that you may not be able to at home. Whether you’re freelancing abroad or visiting your company’s distant office, traveling for work can be an exciting way to develop and advance your career and personal life.  If you’re open to it, working abroad can open up a multitude of opportunities and prepare you for advanced roles in your professional sector. 

Opportunities include attending conferences related to your field, workshops and classes, or field research opportunities that require local perspectives. No matter what the case, traveling for work can also provide new and exciting challenges for you to overcome career adversity in the workplace. Whether directly or indirectly, the hurdles of moving or working in a new place can often expand your ability to overcome unique challenges that you may experience in the workplace.