Corporate Branding

Tech startups have a way of revolutionizing the world—if they can get off the ground. Developing an amazing product or service is just the start of becoming the next multi-million-dollar tech company. Your startup can fizzle out before you even get a chance to change the world if you can’t connect with your audience.

Working with a public relations agency can change that. There’s a number of benefits to investing a portion of your marketing efforts into working with an experienced PR agency. Let’s take a look at some of them!

Increase Your Industry Leadership with Media Exposure

Becoming a thought leader within your industry is a powerful marketing tool for your new business. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry—a PR agency can help. They’re experts at getting media exposure for your company in a variety of formats, including radio, TV, podcasts, bylines, events, traditional and non-traditional publications, mentions in industry publications, and more!

Your PR agency can help you develop a plan to share your thoughts on your industry, generate buzz about your startup, and foster a fantastic relationship with your audience and peers through media. Many tech executives find that they’re well-rewarded for the time they dedicate to pursuing thought leadership. Why not let your PR agency help you give it a try?

Focus on What You Do Best, and Leave the Press to the Pros

We all have our strengths, and delegating work to those who are best at it is just smart. After all, we’re not tech experts, but you are! Working with a PR agency frees up your time to devote it to what you’re best at—creating a world-changing tech product.

PR agencies exist to connect your company’s story with your audience, and we’re good at what we do. So why not let us share what your company is doing with a carefully curated media strategy? A well-executed public relations campaign can boost the success and value of your company, while also taking some of the weight off of your shoulders.

Media Solutions from People Familiar with Your Industry

While we may not be tech experts, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t familiar with the intricacies of your industry. When choosing a PR agency to work with, be sure to ask about the agency’s experience with technology companies and startups like yours. It might surprise you just what companies your potential PR agency has worked with, and chances are, they’re already well-prepared to work with major industry publications and help your company shine in the rapidly changing, competitive world of tech.

Working with a PR company that understands your industry is important, but it is equally important to find an agency that understands your brand’s message, your company’s short- and long-term goals, and who work well with your team. Your PR agency is a partner who should know your company just as well as you do, and be prepared to represent you the way you envision.

PR Agencies Can Facilitate Investor Introductions

Funding your startup can be one of the biggest challenges to overcome as a founder, but a great public relations agency can help you there, too! While a masterful PR campaign can grab the attention of tech industry publications and get your name out there, that’s not the only way your PR agency can help your tech startup thrive.

A great PR agency will make sure that you get plenty of buzz, but they also can introduce your company to potential investors. Good publicity is a powerful sales tactic, especially when it comes to attracting the attention of investors looking for the next promising startup to back. Your PR agency can even leverage the power of your past investors to encourage new investors to support your company.

Telling Your Story is Our Top Priority

Would you rather spend more time working on your company, or more time working in your company? So many startup founders report that they feel they spend huge amounts of time working on their marketing, website, and public relations, when they could be spending their time growing their company, streamlining their product, and doing what they love.

That’s why public relations agencies can be so valuable as a part of your marketing team. We’re dedicated to your success and to telling your unique story. We understand your company’s message, your goals, and how you want to be presented to your audience—and we’re ready to make sure that happens.

Storytelling is a powerful way to connect with your audience of potential customers, partners, and peers. Your brand comes to life with exceptional storytelling and the returns are immense. A PR firm can put the final polish on your story and present it to the world to show just why your company deserves attention.

We take your company’s success seriously. That’s why we’re invested in developing a PR campaign for your company that not only delivers your story to the public but makes you money. As a public relations agency, we’re in your corner, ready to make sure that your company wins. When you win, so do we.

Work with an Experienced PR Agency

Why waste time laboring over your startup’s PR efforts, when our seasoned team of public relations professionals can help? We bring considerable marketing and public relations experience to the table and can offer you our exceptional insight and knowledge—as well as a team of friendly, hardworking PR experts to manage your campaign.

Want to learn how Bell + Ivy can revolutionize your tech startup’s public relations? Contact our office today.