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There are countless marketing strategies available to promote your brand. Whether it’s building a social media presence, starting a podcast, uploading videos to YouTube, or sending out email blasts to your customers. But a broad visual presence across platforms and a “quantity over quality” strategy may not be the best approach. Consumers may see your brand across the platforms but won’t stick around and interact if the content is poor. Excellent content management is what will drive traffic to your site, keep your audience engaged, and secure a loyal audience. An important and sometimes overlooked content management tool and strategy is a persuasive and polished blog.

Writing and maintaining a blog is a great marketing strategy to keep your customers informed, up-to-date, and captivated. It’s a fast, coherent way of communicating with your audience without becoming diluted across social media platforms. It’s a worthy investment because it can boost your brand awareness, generate leads, and educate your consumers. One way to elevate your current blog, add value to your brand, and stand out among your competitors is by producing high-quality posts grounded in good research. Solid research will ensure your brand and topics are resonating with your audience and will continue to drive conversions. Here are some additional benefits of a well-researched blog:

Knowing and targeting your audience is imperative so you understand your blog’s voice and provide appropriate content to the appropriate readers. Strong research will drive more data-driven decisions so you don’t waste time guessing and testing what your audience wants. Investing in search queries and keywords will provide insight into your customers’ behavior and ensure they are getting the answers they crave.

Fresh, personalized content will generate and maintain consumer engagement. Relevant and informative content will captivate your audience and boost user engagement. Within each topic post, you can break up the information with targeted, detailed headlines to keep readers attention while keeping the content organized. Running a few early renditions of a headline through  a headline analyzer can help you produce compelling and well-written headlines that will grab readers’ attention and keep them invested in your site. Your blog content should also follow SEO best practices so you remain relevant to targeted search engine users.

Relevant topics tailored to your site will help you stay ahead of the competition and build an authoritative voice in your industry. Consumers will begin to view your blog posts as trustworthy and feel confident in sharing links to your blog. Detailed research diving into top performing keywords and topics will also give insight into endless content ideas. It’s important to highlight various calls to action as well – good writing will trigger an action without seeming too demanding.

Solid, informative answers to your audience’s questions will help position your brand as an expert in your industry. Customers are seeking specific answers to their queries and if your blog is consistently providing insightful answers, these customers will return again and again to your site.

A sense of trust and making personal connections will go a long way to building a loyal customer base. Implementing good research into your blog posts will ensure the appropriate moment to feature a themed post. Research will help you understand when it’s best to promote a behind-the-scenes post, an inspirational post, or even an off-topic post. Consumers will get to know your brand on a personal level, not just as a corporate entity.

Ultimately, well-researched blogs will build brand authority and expand your reach across your industry. It does, however, require dedicated time and energy. Content needs to be up-to-date, relevant, and appealing. Posts needs to be run through a series of metrics to measure for success – SEO analysis, exhausting keyword searching, and tracking of competitors. It can quickly become overwhelming. It can be daunting to come up with new, innovative content ideas that fit with current trends. Here are some tools to help your brand’s blog content stand out and efficiently tackle the necessary metrics to make sure all your content is successful:  


BuzzSumo will help track your social media success by monitoring your performance and giving you a clear picture as to what content is working and what is not. By focusing on discovery, research, influencers, and monitoring, BuzzSumo will help you develop content insights and generate high-performing content. A major highlight of the platform is the Discovery Questions feature where you can find the latest trending topics in a variety of genres like Business, Film, and Education.

BuzzSumo topic research tool
BuzzSumo topic research tool


Moz is SEO software that will help you increase traffic, rankings, and visibility in search results. The all-in-one SEO toolkit includes keyword research and site audits to uncover SEO issues and offer improvements. The Moz blog is also an excellent resource, features advice, how-tos, and insights from industry experts to improve your SEO and online marketing skills.


Head over to Search Engine Journal (SEJ) for the latest news and best practices on SEO, social media, and other marketing strategies. SEJ promotes a community-based approach to search marketing content and publish articles from real online marketing experts around the world.


Answer the Public is a great site for quick content ideas from consumer insight. Type in topic ideas and Answer the Public will scour Google searches to give you incredible insight into what people are searching for, ensuring optimized and targeted content for your blog. creates searchable questions for your topic creates searchable questions for your topic

Even with all of these resources and marketing strategies at our fingertips, it can still feel overwhelming to maintain and promote your brand. Maybe you’re already stretched thin building social media content or editing videos for YouTube – it may seem like you have limited time to dedicate to your blog. Luckily, there are other resources available to take the core of the work off your shoulders. Bell + Ivy offers a compact content research service to help you develop superior blog posts. The company’s content strategists provide a custom research guide complete with detailed content research and relevant topics tailored to your site.