Personal Brand Development

A strong and consistent social media presence can be highly beneficial for any business. You can remain on-trend in your industry, actively engage with your audience, and maintain a healthy follower count by keeping your accounts active. But with so many platforms, timelines, schedules, and calendars, – social media management could quickly become overwhelming.

In addition to creating new content and posting in a timely manner, you also have to handle the engagements that come through on each of your platforms, such as answering direct messages, responding to, and liking comments. Not to mention deciding when and how to go LIVE and decide when to post Instagram reels and stories….it can get insane!

Whether you manage the social media accounts for your own business or manage the content for other companies, using scheduling tools to help create, manage, and publish your next campaigns can take an enormous amount of work off your plate. Scheduling tools make managing social media accounts easier so you can spend more valuable time creating exciting content (and taking a breather).

Scheduling tools help save time by enabling you to plan ahead. These tools are adaptable and customizable to match the needs and goals of any business, regardless of its size. A successful social media presence is not just about posting often – it means active engagement, strong analytics, and of course, quality content. Scheduling platforms help streamline these interactions across all of your social platforms, can integrate with other marketing tools, and allow you to manage all of your content in one central dashboard. Whether you are a lone content creator or part of a large team, social media management tools make creation, collaboration, planning, sharing, and analysis significantly easier. Let’s dive into some of the most efficient tools out there and their benefits.



Sendible is a social media management tool with various affordable plans available to agencies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. It supports all of the most popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Buffer also supports less active platforms such as Google My Business. If you have a blog site through WordPress or Medium, you can also draft posts for these sites within a Sendible dashboard.

A major benefit to a tool like Sendible is its reporting feature for your business and client’s analytical data. With Sendible, you can not only create in-depth dashboards for most major social media sites, but you can also customize these reports using any of Sendible’s 250 modules. This giving your clients and stakeholders an instant snapshot into your social data.

Another great feature of Sendible is the collaboration feature. With Sendible, you can assign posts and conversations to specific teams or colleagues to work more effectively and efficiently. You can build custom client workflows and approve posts prior to publishing. Sendible even lets you customize accessibility and permission groups. You can grant custom access to clients and team members or limit access to members who may not need full editing abilities.


Buffer is a social media management tool that lets users plan, collaborate, and publish content on all of the major networking sites. Buffer is a great resource for newbies looking to schedule social media content or anyone on a tighter budget because you can schedule 10 posts a month for free! Buffer is especially beneficial for Instagram accounts. Using Buffer, you can visually plan and schedule your Instagram posts and Stories on your desktop and any mobile device. Are you tired of rewriting hashtags for every post? Buffer will help you create, organize, and save your commonly used hashtags. You can even use Buffer to connect your “link in bio” to multiple URLs viewed on a shoppable page.



CoSchedule uses a set of agile marketing tools to help you schedule and share your marketing content. You can view, schedule, and share your content with CoSchedule’s marketing calendar tool, or coordinate your team and projects with it’s marketing suite. CoSchedule’s idea board feature helps you prioritize projects and the editorial calendar feature provides visibility to your strategies. The blog management feature turns your blogging goals into a reality. CoSchedule’s newest feature is Headline Studio, a tool that analyzes potential article headlines and provides actionable suggestions to improve your headline copy and boost traffic.


Loomly is an all-in-one brand success platform that allows you to collaborate, publish, and measure your social media content all in one interface. Whether you manage one social media platform or multiple, we all tend to have creative blocks now and then. Luckily, Loomly offers post ideas based on trending topics and RSS feeds. Loomly users can engage with target audiences through features like Facebook Preferred Audience, post sponsoring, and Instagram ads. Its central Library helps you store, organize, and use your photos, links, videos, and post templates in one location.



ContentCal is an intuitive social media and content planning tool. The service is a one-stop shop for creating, scheduling, and posting marketing content. Audience engagement is always a priority for your business, so ContentCal features inclusive tools to make conversations, collaboration, and relationship building as seamless as possible. Organize and prioritize specific conversations with tags, assign conversations to certain team members, and comment on discussions internally to review responses before making them public. ContentCal even makes data analytics easy and simple to understand and share. Understand your followers better with detailed demographic data, compare statistics of paid posts across platforms, and measure yourself against the performance of your competitors to get and stay ahead.

Many of these services offer free trials and flexible plans. Still, sometimes these services can seem too complex, expensive, or too difficult to collaborate with your social media strategy. If you’re not ready or able to hire a full-service agency, Bell + Ivy might be the best choice for you! Bell + Ivy offers an affordable Personal Brand starter package for small businesses and individuals alike. The service provides on-demand projects delivered by experienced marketers with no expensive contracts.

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