The Value Of Personal Branding For Your Employees

The Value Of Personal Branding For Your Employees

Team Branding

It's no surprise that brand messages are shared 24x more when shared by a company's employee rather than the brand itself. Today's company culture is highly defined by the employees behind it, and employees are less likely to clock in and clock out of a job they don't personally feel attached to.

Employee branding is a concept in which employees are utilized as a vehicle for legitimizing a company's reputation, spreading a message, or even marketing its products and services. The objective of an employee branding campaign is to position your employees as advocates for your company. How is this accomplished? By establishing a relevant digital presence for each employee and utilizing each personal brand to amplify the exposure and business opportunities of the company.

Why is this important?

Bell + Ivy clients recognize that their employees are highly visible extensions of their company brand. Without this vision, adopting an employee branding campaign may not be right for your company. Employee branding campaigns ensure that the personal brands of your employees:

  • Are perceived as extremely professional
  • Are aligned with and reflect positively on the employer
  • Remain up-to-date and relevant
  • Build credibility current and future customers
  • Are used as an asset in business development

What are the benefits?

Employee branding campaigns help develop better relationships between company leadership and employees. The entire process emphasizes each employee's role and creates tremendous value for the company. Some of the benefits include:

personal branding for employees1.jpeg

  • Positive brand sentiment and brand awareness
  • Positive results in search engines (SEO)
  • Highly professional digital presence for your employees
  • Greater employee advocacy
  • Elimination of content waste
  • Increase company presence in relevant media
  • Gain more credibility

What makes an employee branding campaign successful?

A successful employee branding campaign must include a well-devised content strategy, optimized assets that represent each employee in a digital format, and appropriate promotion.

There are many different forms of content that you can create, but we want to focus on website content for the purpose of this blog. This content can be website content, but most importantly, blogs or articles to highlight your employees. Each piece has the potential to reach a new audience while also solidifying employees as experts in their field.

When creating content, remember that it must achieve very specific goals, such as:

  • Advocacy: let your employees speak favorably about your company through the content.
  • Consistency: create content on a corporate level to ensure quality and accuracy of company message.
  • Cost savings: by increasing the amount of content shared by employees, your company can reduce its spend on overpriced, commercialized, content marketing initiatives.
  • Sales: content shared by an employee can still promote a product or service in a subtle way. Your company can, essentially, utilize an employee's personal brand as an advertising channel.
  • Improve Brand Sentiment: highly localized content for specific companies can dramatically improve hyper-local reputations with organizations, other businesses, and the general public.

Before you invest time and money into content development for your team's employee branding campaign, you must ensure that their digital assets have been optimized. These brand assets might include a website, a media kit, a professional bio, and social media profiles. These assets create a digital footprint upon which promotion can successfully be deployed.

Once your assets have been built and/or optimized for each employee, brand building can commence with promotional opportunities. Your employees now have a foundation for media opportunities in relevant publications, podcasts, or even to be quoted on a relevant topic in their space.

So, You're Not a Writer

When consulting with our clients, many people are worried because they aren't writers. While your employees may be stellar at their role within your organization, people don't always have the ability to write purposeful content to help create a personal brand. Fortunately, you don't have to do all of your writing yourself.

Finding and hiring authors will take some time if you're doing it right. You want to make sure you’re hiring high-quality authors who specialize in topics revolving around the personal brand of employees. When you take the time to thoroughly research authors and review their samples, you'll find authors that are able to present your employees as knowledgeable and helpful.

Before posting the content, you can do a review of the piece to ensure it's accurate as well. But, when you provide the author with a solid outline of the blog or article as well as credible resource links, this will still save you a ton of time.

But sometimes, managing a personal brand for yourself or your employees can take a lot of work. Creating a strategy, researching authors, reviewing samples, and everything else may seem overwhelming. Fortunately, Bell + Ivy is here to help.

Bell + Ivy offers personal branding services. We're a professional agency that has helped our clients create useful content that helps them get in front of the right audiences. We'll find the best topics within your niche through our Content Research service, so each piece is optimized for search engines. And if you need someone to write the content as well, we work with highly-skilled, experienced authors.

Allow us to do the hard work for you so you can focus on what you do best. Whether you need help with content research or need to create a personal brand bio for LinkedIn, a media kit, or your website, contact us today so we can assist you.