Legal Expert: Digital Expansion

Legal Expert: Digital Expansion


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A partner at a leading law firm in Chicago that specializes in criminal law, commercial litigation, civil rights cases, and is an Emmy-nominated producer who has turned some of Chicago’s most notorious criminal cases into documentaries, web series, and television shows needs to establish a digital presence to leverage his credentials into bookable speaking engagements and further his entertainment properties. The client was undeniably recognized for his achievements but there was not a location that he was able to send potential media or relevant booking agents to in order to determine whether or not they would want to book him for the media and entertainment engagements he was looking to be booked for. The client's brand was only represented via his firm and did not have any existing brand assets associated purely with his personal brand. That was standing in the way of him achieving the goals he had for himself and his career outside of his firm. The client wanted to start a podcast to build off of the wrongful conviction case he had dedicated his past 10 years to overturning. The client also wanted to start a podcast called "Connect!", covering topics specific to building connections in a variety of avenues.


Establishing a style guide and visual identity for the client’s personal brand to build out a library of branding collateral was imperative. Crafting the visual identity for a podcast that was not only beautiful and functional but also malleable considering there was some uncertainty about what the future trajectory of the podcast would be i.e. future seasons and premises. This was ultimately followed by a repositioning of the Starved Rock Murders podcast as "True Crime with Andy Hale", which would be divided into two sub-brand identities: a subset of episodes focusing on "Wrongful Convictions & Cold Cases" and one dedicated to covering the "Starved Rock Murders" case. This involved the establishment of a new cover art design for the "True Crime with Andy Hale" episodes. Building a personal brand website informed by the established personal brand guidelines as a way to strategically direct booking agents, media outlets, and anyone interested in working with the client when looking for further information about the client. Brand Identity Development and Cover Art designs for a new podcast, Connect! with Andy Hale, aligned with the visual identity of the client's personal brand.


Developed personal brand identity to guide the production of marketing collateral for the client's personal brand and associated media initiatives in order to drive further brand recognition, enable and support future project success.

Starved Rock Murders Podcast Total Downloads To Date: 12,099

Awards Won for Podcast 

Best Exclusive Content + Experiences Award 2022
Best Podcast Host Award 2023


“This podcast is so well done! Andy researches everything and provides so much detail. I started listening after watching the HBO documentary about the case and Andy goes so much further than the documentary.”
“This is an incredible podcast. I started listening because Andy was on True Crime Daily. Please keep doing great work.”
“If you want to hear about information surrounding this case that has not been discussed previously, this is the podcast to listen to. The facts of the case are laid out and be further scrutinized on their website.”

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Legal Expert: Digital Expansion