Embracing Every Body: A Modern Movement

Embracing Every Body: A Modern Movement




Weight Stigma Awareness Week is a community event series that aims to raise awareness about weight stigma and promote inclusivity. The annual week-long event series had not been held in over 7 years and required a refresh. The goal of the rebranding was to revitalize the visual presence of the organization, reach a broader audience, and attract more recognizable partners and names in the industry. The main challenge was to create a new brand identity that was fresh, approachable, and relevant to current trends, while still staying true to the mission of Weight Stigma Awareness Week. Additionally, the messaging needed to be crafted in a way that would drive the narrative and achieve the strategic goals of the organization.


We developed a completely revamped brand identity that incorporated vibrant colors, modern typography, and imagery that reflected the diverse and inclusive nature of the organization. The messaging was crafted to be inspiring and empowering, with a focus on creating a safe and welcoming space for individuals of all sizes. To effectively communicate the new brand identity, we produced a range of digital and promotional assets, including a user-friendly website, social media post templates, and custom graphics for in-person signage and marketing materials. These assets were designed to engage the target audience and create a cohesive and memorable brand presence.


The results of our efforts were formidable. The rebranding of Weight Stigma Awareness Week led to a significant increase in engagement and participation in the event series.

Key Outcomes Achieved:

  • 570 Event Registrations: The revamped brand identity and targeted marketing efforts resulted in a substantial increase in attendees at the event series. The new website and social media presence generated over 500 registered subscribers, indicating a strong interest in the organization's mission and activities.
  • 12 Sessions and 12 Presenters: The event attracted 10 prominent speakers who brought their sizable audiences, amplifying the reach and impact of Weight Stigma Awareness Week.
  • The successful rebranding of Weight Stigma Awareness Week demonstrated the effectiveness of our strategic approach in revitalizing a dormant event series and driving meaningful engagement with the target audience.

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Embracing Every Body: A Modern Movement