Luxury Hospitality: Toronto Triumph

Luxury Hospitality: Toronto Triumph


Corporate Brand Development


Canopy by Hilton Toronto Yorkville, Toronto's premier boutique hotel, enlisted our agency to establish its position as the ultimate destination for families, influencers, and the upscale Yorkville community. With a focus on strategic branding, the hotel aimed to differentiate itself in a competitive market. Launching amidst established competitors posed a significant challenge. Our campaign goals were clear: position the hotel as the top choice for diverse demographics. We crafted a dual-focused strategy: a community branding initiative and an influencer campaign to achieve this.


Our comprehensive approach aimed to elevate Canopy by Hilton Toronto Yorkville profile. We fostered enthusiasm within Yorkville’s community through community events and collaborations with key influencers. Simultaneously, by spotlighting critical personalities within the hotel's team, particularly in their restaurant Dia, we made them relatable and desirable to the target audience.


Our strategic initiatives produced remarkable results, firmly establishing Canopy by Hilton Toronto Yorkville and Dia as Toronto's premier destinations. The community campaign fostered strong connections with locals, while the influencer campaign ignited significant buzz. As a result, the hotel and restaurant emerged as the coveted spot for tourists and discerning locals alike, drawn to their exquisite cuisine, impeccable taste, and stylish ambiance.Moreover, our efforts attracted attention from high-tier press outlets, securing prestigious opportunities for the Hotel and Dia Restaurant. This elevated their status further, positioning them as top choices for those seeking an unparalleled hospitality experience in the vibrant heart of Yorkville.

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Luxury Hospitality: Toronto Triumph