Global Summit PR Success

Global Summit PR Success




Support the World Government Summit during its engagements with international media. Garner maximum exposure across the globe, securing stories about all topics discussed during the Summit.


Developed a comprehensive PR campaign during the months leading up to the Summit. Created intriguing global story angles in various sectors including government, technology, healthcare, and innovation. Reached out to major celebrities and public figures to attend the Summit. Developed partnerships with top-tier media outlets for extra coverage.


We managed to bring reporters from all over the world to Dubai to cover the World Government Summit in 2017 and 2018. We had contributors from CNBC, Forbes, Huffington Post, CNN, Fortune, TIME, Futurism, Entrepreneur Magazine, TechCrunch, Daily Mail, Popular Science, and The Guardian. We secured partnerships with CNBC, Futurism, Popular Science, and TIME Magazine and created panels on the agenda with top writers and influential speakers from NASA, Silicon Valley, and television, including actress Goldie Hawn astronaut Mae Jemison and Syfy writers James S.A. Corey.

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Global Summit PR Success