Advancing Mental Health Literacy

Advancing Mental Health Literacy




Within Summit 2023, hosted by Within Health and led by B+I, aimed to create an inclusive and educational environment for mental health professionals and advocates. The event focused on fostering collaboration, showcasing innovation in eating disorder treatment and telehealth, and highlighting the importance of mental health literacy. Our objectives were to promote mental health literacy and awareness, facilitate collaboration among attendees, showcase advancements in eating disorder treatment and telehealth, and curate speakers representing influential figures across various verticals in Health, including treatment, telehealth, education, and media.


B+I orchestrated the event to attract media coverage and influential speakers. We strategically curated diverse educational sessions on mental health, facilitated networking opportunities, and organized roundtable discussions. Our team actively sought out speakers and panelists who had a significant influence on enhancing the event’s impact and visibility.


Our approach resulted in the successful execution of Within Summit. The event itself gained media attention and recognition within the mental health community. The event provided a platform for expert panelists representing various verticals in Health to share their insights and expertise. The summit amplified Within Health’s mission to promote mental health literacy and awareness. It reached a broader audience and strengthened its position as a leader in the field, further advancing Within Health's goals of fostering a supportive and inclusive mental health community.

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Advancing Mental Health Literacy